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Our Services Include:

  • Reviewing designs and other materials of building construction for compliance with the Ontario Building Code
  • Issuing Plan Review Certificates
  • Issuing Change Certificates
  • Issuing Orders
  • Inspecting the construction of a building for which a Permit has been issued under the Building Code Act
  • Issuing Final Certificates

Services are Monitored by OBPR’s Quality Management Plan Which Continually Reviews:

  • Procedures for the assessment of plans and specifications
  • Procedures for issuance of Certificates and Orders
  • Procedures for referral of matters to the Chief Building Official
  • Procedures for participation in proceedings before the Building Code Commission
  • Procedures for documenting activities including data control, records retention, maintenance of security and confidentiality of records and transferring of records to the principal Authority
  • Procedures for training and supervision of personnel